The Gardens at Rhosygilwen

From serving as a stunning backdrop for weddings and celebrations, to providing fresh seasonal produce for the kitchen, the gardens at Rhosygilwen are abundant with life throughout the changing seasons.

Guests are welcome to explore The Walled Garden,  Victorian glasshouse, and arboretum, all fabulously restored, landscaped and maintained.

The Arboretum

Discover the tranquillity of strolling amongst the harmonious variety of trees all expertly planted to create our magical arboretum. Tree lovers will be enthused by the range of species and everyone will love the blaze of colour that comes in both spring with flower and autumn with foliage. Accessible paths invite you to explore and discover the wildlife that make the arboretum home – look out for badgers!

The Walled Garden

The traditional Victorian walled garden would have supplied the mansion with fruit, vegetables and flowers, and we are very proud to have a fully working kitchen garden once again.

With wheelchair accessible paths, everyone can experience delights for all the senses in the redbrick walled garden. Discover apples, plums, pears, cherries, apricots and peaches around the walls and wonder at the original Victorian fig tree. Types of fruit not grown by the Victorians, such as kiwi fruit and blueberries have been introduced alongside the more traditional strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, red and white currants. Organic vegetables are grown year round and the Victorian cutting beds have been reinstated to provide flowers to the mansion.

The Walled Garden changes substantially with the seasons. It is productive year round. There is even a crop of sunflowers and Amaranthus grown for feeding birds over the winter.

We offer tours of the Walled Garden to gardening clubs across the country. You will get to meet our gardener, John, and learn all about how he tends to the seasonal and year-round crops. You’ll even get a nice cup of tea as well!

Learn more about the Walled Garden

Meet John, our Gardener

John is our intrepid gardener. He makes sure the Walled Garden is producing seasonal crops throughout the year and tends to the grounds to keep our flora and fauna flourishing. 

When you host your wedding, event or retreat at Rhosygilwen, you will likely to see John toiling away. So come over and say “hi!”. He’s more than happy to talk to you about what he’s growing right now and next month. 

John also meets with local gardening clubs and offers detailed tours of the Walled Garden and the Glasshouse. There’s also a cup of tea available to anyone interested in our seasonal produce. 

Sustainability is a Rhosygilwen fundamental.

History of Rhosygilwen

Portrait of Thomas Colby ©National Gallery
Thomas Fredrick Colby by William Brockedon chalk, 1837 NPG 2515(82) © National Portrait Gallery, London

Rhosygilwen was home to Major General Thomas Fredrick Colby (1784-1852), the man Lord Nelson tasked with developing the ordnance survey of Britain.

The mansions and garden had their grand heyday in Victorian times, before falling into disrepair in the 1930s from neglect. It was left abandoned for decades.

The rescue operation of the gardens started in earnest in the early 2000s with weed clearing, path creation and more planting. We are extremely proud of where we are today and are committed to improving biodiversity and creating a magical experience for our guests.

The Glasshouse

The original Glasshouse at Rhosygilwen has been expertly restored to its original grandeur. The impressive Edwardian structure houses an abundance of plants, fruits and flowers and provides a unique setting for wedding portraits.

Take a look at our garden when you tour Rhosygilwen. Book a tour now